Sligo Walking Tours

Sligo Walking Tours provide social history and dark tourism guided tours of Sligo town in the north-west of Ireland.

Sligo Walking Tour

History, People and Places Tour

Visit Sligo’s landmark tourist sites on this guided, 2-hour, historical walking tour.

See historical locations like the Townhall, St Johns Church, Sligo Abbey and many more. Stroll along the narrow streets and cobbled alleyways and learn about the town’s medieval past.

Hear stories of the people, heritage and architecture that make the town the unique gem of the north west of Ireland.

 Enjoy a walking tour of Sligo with a knowledgeable local guide.

Learn about the history of the town.

This tour is perfect for those visiting Sligo for the first time or for those who want a general history walking tour, as we’ll show you around the main streets so you can get your bearings. 

Find out where to eat, drink and shop on your visit and other activities to do in County Sligo.


Watch Sligo Walking Tour video for the St Patrick's Festival

Other Sligo Walking Tours

Sligo Dark Tales Tour

Sligo’s dark history walking tour with stories of execution, jail-breaks, disease and other macabre tales.

Sligo Stoker Dracula Tour

This tour focuses on Sligo’s connections to the gothic author Bram Stoker and the Cholera Epidemic, that devastated the town in 1832.

Sligo Secret Scripture Tour

The tour takes you back to Sligo from the turn of the twentieth century to 1930s from the viewpoint of one semi-fictional family.

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