Untold Women’s Stories Unveiled: From World War I Nurse to Female Doctor​

Untold Women’s Stories Unveiled: From World War I Nurse To Female Doctor​

Sligo Women’s History – Profile on Annette Kathleen Wood-Martin

Annette Kathleen Wood-Martin, a remarkable figure born in Sligo in 1887, left an indelible mark on history. Serving as a V.A.D. nurse during World War I in the tumultuous landscapes of France and Flanders, her courageous contributions were just the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

Post-war, Annette’s pursuit of knowledge led her to Trinity College, where she delved into the realm of medicine. Her skills were further honed as a Resident Medical Officer at the esteemed National Children’s Hospital in Dublin. Upon retiring, she returned to her roots in Sligo, where she passed away in 1935.

Annette’s connection to Sligo extended to Cleveragh House, the familial abode that witnessed generations of Wood-Martin legacies. Sadly, she was the last of her family to reside in this historic residence, which faced demolition in the late 1990s. Situated near Cleveragh Park and across from the Sligo Sports Complex, the house’s demolition marked the end of an era.

Colonel William Gregory Wood-Martin, Annette’s father, added further distinction to the family name. Renowned as an Antiquarian and Historian, he authored the comprehensive History of Sligo Volumes 1 and 2 in the late nineteenth century, which is still in use today by Sligo history scholars.

Further research into Kathleen’s life and military service is currently in progress.

image of annette kathleen wood-martin
Annette Kathleen Wood-Martin in VAD uniform – Credit The Light of Bygone Days by John C. McTernan