Trouble at the Fish Market in Sligo
Fish traders at the Fish market

Trouble at the Fish Market in Sligo

In the nineteenth-century, police constables were discouraged from interacting or becoming too friendly with their fellow citizens; least they might be unduly influenced, a professional distance was generally observed.

In 1890, a Constable Faughuan fell foul to this rule. During an internal police inquiry, Constable Faughuan was found guilty of gossiping with a Fishwoman and civilians at the Fish Market off Lower Knox Street. The Fish Market was a noisy and crowded place with frequent fights breaking out between the traders. A Constable was stationed at the junction cross during busy times to keep watch. On the 23 September, Faughuan arrested a Fishwoman named Sarah Lynch after she got into a fight with a fellow Fishwoman called Mary Barry. It is related to this incident that led to his disciplinary charge as after the arrest he was seen speaking and laughing with Mary Barry, which he later denied. On account of his previous good behaviour, he was not dismissed instead he was transferred to Tubbercurry.

Old postcard of Sligo town
Nineteenth century fish sellers


Irish Newspaper Archive/Sligo Champion November 1890

Postcard – my own collection

Galway Fish Market – Lawrence Collection/NLI