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Cholera Remedy in 1832

In the Summer of 1832, 186 years ago, an outbreak of Cholera was spreading throughout Ireland. Cures and remedy advertisements appeared in newspapers. The text below appeared as an advert for an Apothecary in Sligo. This may have helped some people as dehydration was one of the symptoms. Unfortunately, as many would have taken this mixture with water which unbeknownst to them was contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio cholerae, it could prove fatal.



It is known to the intelligent portion of the Community that the present fatal Epidemic can only be arrested, with certainty, in its early stages- that by attention to the preliminary symptoms (diarrhoea or bowel complaint), the disease may, in ninety-nine out of one hundred cases be averted.

For the purpose of preventing the progress of cholera, D.Mahon’s’ Sedative Mixture has been used extensively in Dublin, and other parts of Ireland, and is now recommended by Persons of the first respectability and intelligence. It completely checks and cures diarrhoea, the warning symptoms of Cholera. The great utility of having such a remedy at hand to guard against sudden attacks, which often occur by night, must be manifested, as the most trifling affection of the bowels, may, in a few hours degenerate into the worst form of Cholera.

This Medicine to be had (Price 2s. 6d.) at Mr Bolton’s, Castle Street, Sligo.






Newspaper Archive: Sligo Journal – 10 Aug 1832




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